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Patty Landon - TOP DOG
Photo of Patty I was born and raised in Alaska. My family and I homesteaded there and owned and raised both work dogs and sled dogs. They were our companions and part of our daily life. I have a special affection for big dogs. I spent 24 years in Alaska and moved to California in 1978 for the warmer climate. Big Surprise! I worked the corporate treadmill for 16 years, in office support & management for the county, and then the medical field for 5 1/2 years. The last three years in the office capacity I was the executive assistant to the CEO of a high tech company in Mt. View. It provided me with wonderful babysitting and pampering skills for the 2 legged variety of animal so of course these skills also carried over into my true love of caring for 4 legged critters. The office experience and skills I acquired certainly make it easier to build, grow, and operate my own very successful pet sitting business so it wasn't all bad. I have worked with many kinds of animals, domestic and at wildlife sanctuaries. I've worked in both rescue and rehabilitation. Scott, my husband, has tolerated his wife roaming all over the country a number of times to pursue her critter fixes. I trained as a vet tech before I started the business. I get to put this training to use on a daily basis in caring for the animals.
Scott Landon
Photo of Scott Scott works as the Equipment Yard Manager for a major construction company, that's his day job. Obviously it goes without saying that he has to be crazy about critters and the outdoors or he wouldn't have ever wound up with me. He was recruited on a regular basis the first couple of years of the business until I hired a full-time employee. Since it was not an option to not have coverage for all the critters should something happen to me, he has cared for and become friends with many of my long term critters. He is also always eager to help holidays and weekends and the occasional morning when his wife wants the luxury of sleeping in (at least that's what he tells me). Since he is a runner, he can also tire out some of my more active dogs by racing them around the block, or playing Frisbee in the parks. I haven't told him I have noticed sometimes the dog seems to be walking him, or is it pulling, on some of the return trips to the house. Usually they both have their tongues hanging out!

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